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Who is Managing Your Database?

Database servers

It’s a serious question – who is looking after your database on a regular basis?

Whether you’re using Adviser Office, XPLAN, Intelligent Office or any of the other databases available, the information you hold is crucial to your business. Yet a large proportion of firms have no clear management structure surrounding this valuable asset.

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Transferring to IRESS XPLAN? What You Need To Know

XPLAN. Powered by IRESS.

You have decided to embrace the future.

XPLAN, the wealth management system developed by IRESS, is the next step for Adviser Office users, and you have determined that it is the right time for your company to switch to the new software.

But what do you do now?

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To transfer or not to transfer; that is the question

Olivier's Hamlet

XPLAN, the comprehensive wealth management platform from IRESS, has now been available to existing Adviser Office users for over six months. During that time, plenty of misinformation has been circulated by other parties. Here, we aim to debunk the rumours and consider when you should look at transferring.

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Who are IRESS?

IRESS logo

Before IRESS

As of November 2013, Avelo, the company behind market leading system Advisor Office, was no more.
Under the Avelo name – peculiarly meaning ‘hazelnut’ in Esperanto – it had provided small and medium-sized financial businesses with cutting edge solutions for two and a half years. Formerly known as The-1st Exchange, the market leader on these shores has undergone another name change, having been bought for big Australian bucks. But who are the new boys in town?

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