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Action required: Aviva Wrap Replatforming

These notes apply to any firm using the Aviva Wrap platform.

For those companies who use the Adviser Office i2 functionality, please note that on 22nd January Aviva are updating their platform and as a result, changes are being made to the data feed.

As part of the change, Aviva will

  • Issue you with a new username and password to use within i2
  • Convert the old policy numbers to the new policy numbers

For the changed functionality to work, you must be using version or above of i2.

From now until the 22nd January, you will see two Aviva feeds

  • ‘Aviva Valuations’ – the current feed which will become obsolete
  • ‘Aviva’ – the new feed with effect from 22nd January

You can continue to use the current feed until the change-over date, at which point you will need to start using the new one.

As an i2 user, if you haven’t already provided Aviva with your server’s static IP address, you need to do so as soon as possible. The email address to send it to is ecsd@aviva.com. Aviva will then issue you with a new username and password, which will need to be updated in the feed details.

To enter your new credentials, click on Configure Service. You will also need to ensure the setting ‘Policies: Update Policy Number from new platform’ is set to Yes, as highlighted below in blue:

Aviva DataProvider screen

If you use the Aviva Wrap platform but do not currently use the i2 functionality, now would be an appropriate time to consider it. Without the bulk feed you will need to manually update the policy numbers for the electronic income statements to work in Business Management.

From the 22nd January you can download a list of current and new account numbers from the Aviva Portal by logging on to connect.avivab2b.co.uk/adviser/ and selecting Platform Services > Business Reporting > Client by Adviser > Generate.

To install i2 Services, please speak with ourselves or direct to IRESS, and email your server’s static IP address as detailed above, to get the details needed to set up the Aviva link.