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2019 user group agendas

User group agenda

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Supporting Take Away The Tears

Sue with her dogs, support Take Away The Tears

As some of you are aware, in 2015 Sue Nuttall set up Take Away The Tears, a charitable organisation that helps support dogs that have been abused and abandoned.

She rarely mixes Jacana and Take Away The Tears, but there is an opportunity to raise serious funds with your support, so please forgive this non-work related news and bear with us!

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Make sure any move you make is for the RIGHT reason

Chess Pieces

Jacana are introduced to a lot of clients initially because those firms are dissatisfied with their existing database. Most are minded to look elsewhere. However, you should never underestimate the time, cost and upheaval such a switch costs and the first thing we recommend is a review of the current system.

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Will MiFID II prompt a business model overhaul for IFAs?

MiFID ii - Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

It has been on the cards for over half a decade, but MiFID II is expected to come into force at the turn of 2018. That date may seem a long way off, but in reality, the new EU legislation is just fourteen months away. And, according research undertaken by Investec, the majority of firms are expecting it to have a significant impact on their business models.

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